Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Going Away party

We had a little going away party for Frankie, on the night before we took him to school. I took maybe 100 photos... here are just a couple... then later today, I plan on posting the pictures of College. Check back again tonight or tomorrow, ok?

The party started out being just a way to keep Frankie home the night before he left for college. I knew that his friends would want to see him off, so I told him to invite a few of them over -- not every single kid he knew, just a few -- and we would have a campfire.

But since I was having the kids, I figured I'd have the family too. And it grew to 30 ish people... and I wanted to keep it small.

William got here early with Gram and Pop. RJ stopped by early, but had to leave because he had to work on the ambulance squad.
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The girls were here...
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