Saturday, August 08, 2009

The end of the summer...

...hey, don't yell at me! It isn't my fault summer is flying by!

Looking at the calendar all year, the only thing I really thought about was how I was a little afraid of the backpacking trip... I was REALLY UNSURE how well I would do, if I could handle it, whatever. And most of my summer calendar planning was on Nick's behalf. Frankie is in charge of his own calendar. Thor just follows along with my plan, for the most part. I don't have many days off to make too many plans. But Nick had a whole summer free, and no job, and I wasn't going to let him sleep until 1 everyday and then play video games all night. So I scheduled his summer full of activities.
I think this picture is very symbolic of Nick's summer. Yup, that's his boxers flying from a flag pole. Nick flew his boxers from the flagpole on his week of summer camp. Then, at the shore house, there was a flag pole there too, and he flew his boxers again.

Well, the boxers are almost down. ;)

He's back from the beach house this weekend. Next week, he's working at the Cub Scout day camp again. Then, he has two weeks of complete freedom (well, not complete freedom. I'm going to make him do some things around the house, and do some summer reading.) And then I guess school starts.

Not much left to the summer.
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