Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting Ready to Launch

Frankie's been packing for college. This is just SOME of what he'll be bringing. (yikes.)


Frankie is the reason I started blogging in the first place. It was years ago, already. Amazing how quickly time flies. For those of you just tuning in, Frankie, my oldest son, has Crohns, and had serious problems that landed him in the hospital. At the time, the doctors would not make any promises -- they wouldn't say they could fix it, they wouldn't say he'd be OK.

So I started blogging to "keep in touch" with the family and friends who wanted to know what was happening -- which changed day to day -- and to keep myself busy, I guess, and because whenever I have a problem the only thing that helps me is to talk about it obsessively, and I really didn't have anyone to talk to like that. So I wrote it all out and put it on the blog, and that's the "Frankie Report" blog on my sidebar.

When Frankie got better, I handed over that blog to him, and told him HE should blog. But he's not really interested in writing. He's an engineer like his dad. But the blog is still there, with all the old posts, if you are interested. His last post was a list of everything he wanted to bring to college.

He's off to college to learn engineering. He's feeling great. He's had probably the best summer of his life. He is all optimism and expectation, and ready to jump out of the nest.

I'm not sad that he's going. I know I'm going to miss him, and I get moments of sadness thinking that by this time next week, he won't be here any more. But I'm not sad, because I'm happy that he's getting this chance.

When he was in the hospital, and also before that when he was so sick for all of those years, I didn't really think the day would ever come when he would be ABLE to leave home. I watched him sit on the couch in pain for quite a few years. And with the time passing, and the Crohn's going into remission, and with his life ahead of him, and his future so bright, I'm just THRILLED that he's leaving.

I think our relationship has always been close. Sometimes it's been too close, because he was very dependent on me when he was sick. And I know that his leaving won't hurt that relationship. He'll have a chance to miss me, and appreciate the good things about me, and I'll miss him. If he stuck around, though, we would be rubbing on each other's nerves. It's been happening a lot lately. And if he was home he'd be going out, and doing homework, and texting his friends, and on his computer. He wouldn't be spending his time with us anyway.

And besides. He'll be home for the weekend in three weeks. Sheesh. I'll barely have time to miss him.
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Seraphine said...

don't take the "rubbing of nerves" personally. it is a normal stage of growing up and moving towards independence.
it's great that frankie is taking toilet paper and a microwave to college.
there's nothing like warm toilet paper on a winter day.
be careful not to over-microwave though, because it makes the paper tough and chewy.

Beth said...

Sue...I'm so happy for you...you've been such a good mom.
Frankie...I'm so proud of you. I've watched you grow from a baby into a fine young man that I'm proud to know. Keep doing what you do, stay true to yourself and go with your instincts when unsure. You'll do great.
oooh...if you need anything, feel free to call me too!!!

Sue said...

Seraphine - I don't take it personally, usually. But nobody can push your buttons more than your own family.

And Frankie is actually seriously considering trying to microwave the tp, because he thinks it might work. :D

Beth - I'm not as good a mom as you :D! and Frankie says Thanks. We might send YOU down to Rowan to take care of him if he needs anything! (You've got time for that, don't you?)

Beth said...

Seriously....I'd go if he needs something....

Judy said...

Pop and I are already planning to visit him next Tues.- if he has the free time.

Sue said...

Beth - I know you would :)

Mom - You've gotta ask Frankie, I don't really know what he has planned...

Jayne said...

Got a lot of baggage there ah...
I'm pretty sure you'll miss Frnakie a lot but that's LIFE!
We need to let go of the kids...like the kites...but we will be the strings that will guide them on their way...

God bless and goodluck to Frankie!

laurie said...

So Bittersweet...I am happy for the both of you and know Frankie will do great! I'm here if you's need anything :o)
Best of Luck Frankie..
btw Sue you are an inspiration!!!
hahaha I'm serious!!!

Seraphine said...

lol- thats true about ones own family knowing all the buttons to push. growing up in my family, pushing buttons became habit.

Sue said...

Sera -- We thought of you when he moved into the dorm! He packed the TP inside the refridgerator. When it was moved into the room, he plugged it in, but never took the TP out... but it's still so hot, the TP doesn't needed to be warmed up yet, but nice cool TP will be fine :D

Sue said...

Jayne, that's a beautiful comment! I think I'm going to write that on one of my posts!

Laurie, I do know you are always willing to help if we need anything. But I can't believe you would make fun of me at a time like this. :D LOL