Thursday, August 06, 2009

Random thoughts.

Part of the reason I haven't been posting much lately is because I haven't been thinking too many concrete thoughts lately, so I haven't had anything I could post. I've been having flashes of thoughts flit through my mind like lightning bugs, and then fade away. I try to chase them into the bushes, but I lose track of them.

So I've decided to just post randomly, and see what happens.

Actually, I'm multi-tasking. I'm also listening to a concert on NPR of the Avett Brothers. And I'm paying the bills. And I'm leaving up a tab on "posting" on my blog. And I'll do it all.

Who said you can't have it all?

If you want to listen to the concert, it's at NPR.It's the Avett Brothers at the Newport Folk Fest. I'm listening to the song, "Kick Drum Heart" right now. It's peppy.

Eww. I just killed a huge mosquito. Did I mention lately that I love bats?

Multi-tasking is hard when you are trying to pay the bills. For some reason, my check book is off by like $3000.00. This is not good. And I can NOT figure out why.

"... Hate sits alone on the hood of a car, lazily killing the last of a jar, of the strongest stuff you can drink..." -- I love the guy singing... this is unbelievable poetry, to me, at least....

Did you ever really think about all of the different kinds of love and hate? I really can't make much sense of that either. It would make a good post, if I could figure it out. It would actually make life a lot easier, too.

I've been reading alot about Buddhism on Vincent's blog. I think Buddhism is really simple and completely sensible. And very complicated, too. I guess I'm becoming a bit Buddhist.

Frankie played a lot of music today. It was all NOT Pearl Jam. WHAT? Hard to believe. My little boys is growing up? Maybe. He's at work right now. Nick's still at the beach house. I miss him. He should be home Sunday. Maybe even Saturday. Thor's working on the boat. We just got it back, and a big bill for fixing the engine.

"Always remember that there is nothing worth sharing... like the love that let us share our name..." Good song, even if it is called "If I get murdered in the City."

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