Monday, August 17, 2009

Time is Flying

Another week is here, another weekend is gone. Time is passing by in a tight little spiral and it's making me dizzy.

This is the week of summer where Nick has nothing to do, so James is over to hang out with him. They sit around and wonder what they can do that's fun, but they are sitting around together together, so I don't feel too bad. They are so BORED... sigh... it's hard to be a kid.

This is the week for Frankie where he's gotta finish getting ready for school. He's got odds and ends of things to buy -- Q-tips, shaving cream, stuff like that. Plus, he needs to pack his clothes, which I keep telling him he needs to do NOW. I guess that's what I'm going to be doing tonight.

This is the week for me at work where I've finally caught up with the work I've been doing all summer, and I just need to try to stay motivated enough to get everything in tip top shape before the school year starts again. So far, I'm not too motivated.


jozien said...

Hi Sue!
It's all good! even bored teenagers.
Alexander found a very good job as a carpenter, he likes it very much. And i am very happy for him, but now he forgets conveniently to register for some fall courses at the collage.:(

Sue said...

Carpenter is wonderful! Maybe he just needs a break from school for a little while, but in the winter he'll realize he misses it and can register then?