Monday, August 03, 2009

Let the shopping begin!

Frankie's going away to college in a few weeks. And he has a list a mile long of things he is supposed to bring.

I've gotten that list started, but I still have things to get. So, today begins the serious shopping and packing to finish it off.

And he's already started marking the calendar -- "Mom, will you pick me up on the weekend of the 19th, and bring me back Sunday Night at Midnight? And then two weeks after that... and then three weeks after that..."

I think I'll be getting a lot of mileage on my car in the very near future.


Beth said...

Feel free to stop by for a cup of tea when ever you drive near!!!
....we'll leave the light on....ha ha

Sue said...

Actually, that might work! :D

Anonymous said...

Sue.. make sure to ask Mom and Dad their schedule!!! I am sure they will help transport him around when they are in AC!!! And I am sure they will make special trips sometimes too!


Seraphine said...

he'll make friends from home soon enough. hopefully, one will have a car and you won't have to play taxi to six boys all going home for the weekend.

Sue said...

Sandi ... I'm not really worried about it, and I'm counting on Dad to drive him to Dr. appointments...

Sera... I actually hope I do have to taxi his friends once in a while, it's the best way I'll have to get to know them!