Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lets try this again. I want to post this video... I really like it. But for some reason, I'm having trouble getting it to post. I hope it works; I really like this song. I hope you don't get the commercial in the beginning, but if you do, it doesn't last long. What do you think of the song? I'm lovin' Ben Harper!

Frank hooked up the laptop to the TV and stereo speakers for this evening's entertainment, so I've been surfing the internet looking for tunes. This was my favorite.



Beth said...

Cool video and no commercial...just some scary lips walking across the bottom of the screen...he he
do you know where it was shot? the opening where he is walking down the street really reminded me of Bloomfield NJ for some reason, especially the old steeples in the back ground. and the people look right out of NJ
thanks again for baby sitting. you and frank are way cool.....

Sue said...

Hey, Beth! I don't know where it is shot. I 'd like to know where the music store is. Could be Jersey or New York, could also be California.

Babysitting was fun, no problem! Love ya!