Saturday, November 08, 2008

Football Saturday Afternoon

Around here, fall is all about football. Saturdays is college football -- which gratefully, my crew isn't that addicted to. Sunday, all day, is pro football.

So today, Saturday, in spite of the rain, we had a football game at the park. Here are the players, after the game. We've got three age levels represented -- the old guys, Frank and Jimmy; the younger guys, Brian and Joey; and the kids, Frankie, Nicky, James, and Chris.

When I first started dating, my dad and his brothers played against Frank, Jimmy, Ray and Mac. It was a tough football game. In those days, I think they even played tackle. I figure Frank and his buddies were around 18 or so. And now, Frankie and Nicky and James etc. are playing the old guys. Years go by, and the seasons change, and everything remains the same. Which is really cool for me, isn't it?

So tonight -- it's a new beginning in another tradition, a whole new learning experience. They're playing poker. For money. :D


Anonymous said...

You didn't mention who won. Not really important unless it was the old guys, like it was when your Dad and his brothers beat the young guys. They had bragging rights for years.


Seraphine said...

traditions get passed on, and in poker, they say there are no losers.
start a tradition of your own. while they play poker tonight, go to macys or to your favorite spa.

Sue said...

The old guys win again! That should be part of the tradition. Wisdom triumphs over energy.

Sera -- They are definitely all winning, from the laughing going on in there. I'm doing the Nanowrimo thing, which is a good new tradition for me. I'd hate to leave and not hear what was going on!

Beth said...

It's nice to know some things remain the same....

GEM said...

Hey Sue!

They look like they had fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Nice picture of the guys. I saw some guys playing football on Saturday while I was sitting in my nice warm and dry car, and I was thinking "what idiots would be playing in this weather?" lo and behold...I should have guessed! Well, Alexander was very upset that I didn't allow him to hang around and play after his practice. He just had a 2 hour soccer practice in that pouring rain and THEN wanted to go play football with 'the guys'. I had to remind him that aside from the fact that he was drenched from head to toe, Andrew was home alone (Ray was basking in the sun in Florida on a golf course -poor thing!) I reminded Alexander that the 'guys' were all at least 5 times bigger than he was and I didn't see anything positive coming out of that. I wasn't up to another ER run with a plastic surgeon! Anyway, glad they had a good did you!
Hope your computer is up and running soon.

Sue said...

Hi Marisa! I didn't know you saw them too! I drove by a few times and yelled out my car window, "Hey you stupid kids, it's RAINING OUT!" But they didn't seem to care. Alexander and Andrew would have been welcome to play, but Frankie was the smallest person in the group, so I understand what you mean about the potential for surgery... See ya soon, I hope!