Saturday, November 15, 2008

Deck the Halls


Well, we're only decking the outdoors. And we don't have a deck.

It's been a quiet day around here. I spent the morning working on the food drive for Scouts, and helping Casey with his Eagle paperwork. He's almost there. I got home and started working on house cleaning -- which for me, means 1. Laundry, and 2. gathering all of the papers lying all over the place and figuring out whether they need to be paid, filed, or whatever. I also made Frankie start working on his scholarship applications. He's less than thrilled. When Frank and Nicky started working on the lights, I was going to tell him forget about it, that he had to work on the scholarship stuff. But he LOVES to climb on the roof, so it seemed unfair. So there they are, up on the roof. I really can't watch.
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Anonymous said...

can they come do mine?? Tis the BAH HUMBUG!! : )

Anonymous said...

So usually I am the one with the lights and all up early.... and people saying omg it isn't even thanksgiving yet!!! I started mine, but came to a screaching halt...With William's party and all. I should do some today as long as it doesn't rain. The lights look nice!

GEM said...

And mine!


Sue said...

I should suggest to the boys that they could start a new business for themselves, just decorating people's houses for the holidays. But Bunny would have to be the creative director. Bun, did I hear you were turning your back shed into a gingerbread house?

I'm gonna try and post again later, but I can't this minute because I have to write two letters of recommendation for people, and because I'm going back to nanowrimo. I still wanna write, even if I've lost a lot of words and a lot of time in the crash of my computer. Frankie will have to live without his computer today.

roller coaster teacher said...

The lights are terrific!!!

Sue said...

Thanks, RC Teacher! I'll pass along your compliments to the boys!