Sunday, November 02, 2008

Same sunset, more shadow.


I like playing with the photos in picasa, like I've mentioned before. I just tried more shadow and I really like the effect. It isn't real, but it's cool anyway. Really, any photo isn't real, is it? Besides that, I took a bunch of photos on different settings, at the same time, of the same subject, and they all came out differently. So really, what difference does it make if I adjust it AFTER I take it or BEFORE?
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Anonymous said...

darker is nicer!!!

Niall said...

Wow sue..this is a gorgeous photograph..the manipulation is good and not too over the top...print some up..get them mounted and sell them!

Sue said...

Hey bun, I thought darker was nicer too. I almost deleted the lighter one, but then thought it was interesting to have the contrast.

Niall - Thank you! I really appreciate your input, especially since you are really an artist. I have been thinking about selling some prints, I'm just not really sure what to do about it. First Nanowrimo, then after that maybe ...Nanoartmo? We'll see!

Punam said...

Love this picture, Sue. You r too good.