Sunday, November 09, 2008

I feel bad for Teenagers.

I remember Gram saying the same thing to me when I was a teen. I feel bad for teenagers today. It's such a complicated world. It used to be simpler. And we used to have so much fun, when I was a kid. You can't have fun like that as a teen today.

I know quite a few teenagers today. But when my kids were little, teens kinda scared me. In fact, they still do. They can be very unpredictable, to the point where you can't always even say that you will be safe if you walk by a group of them on a dark street.

I'm very unsure about where I stand with most teens. They can be so uninterested in anything adult. They often make me feel invisible.

Often, teenagers piss me off. They can be quite obnoxious on occasion. They can be very condescending.

On the other hand, sometimes I have a good conversation with one or two of them, or learn things about the kinds of things that they are going through and trying to figure out and my heart really melts for them.

(Of course, they aren't ALL good. Some of them still just make me mad, no matter what they do.)


Netizen101 said...

I don't care very much for the teenagers these days too! But such is life. Sometimes people call it the generation gap. I am sure the teenagers now - when they grow up to be adults will say the same thing of teenagers. But no matter what, each generation has their own way of dealing with things - with life. And somehow, it all works out in the end!:-)

Meira said...

I think they have a very hard time.Neither children nor confusing!

Nice blog :)

Beth said...

Uh oh.....what happened?

Sue said...

Nothing happened particularly bad. Actually, it was a very nice weekend. And I did have a few very nice conversations with a few of the kids.

I hear about a lot of problems that alot of the kids are having, and I hear how they are trying to figure things out. I hear about a lot of kids with a lot of stress.

And, on the other hand, I also hear about a lot of kids starting to drink etc... They are so pressured!

Anonymous said...

ok kemper-what'd ya hear about my kid?? Now you got me over analyzing :) which is something I do REAL I need a drink!

Sue said...

Actually, it wasn't about your kid at all. Although if you think about it, your kid has plenty of pressure too. But he's being good. But they all have so many more different kind of stress than we did.

roller coaster teacher said...

Well, almost every work day I feel bad for middle schoolers. They are their own worst enemies. In that light, their obliviousness is a blessing to them.

Sue said...

Yes, I think that middle school is a very difficult time as well; I didn't realize how important it was until my kids came out on the other side of it. It's like they are trying on all kinds of identities in middle school, and one of them is gonna stick, and you just hope they stick with a positive, productive idea of themselves instead of a dramatic, destructive idea of themselves.