Thursday, November 06, 2008

I love being home.

This is the week off from school in Jersey, when teachers have conventions and we have a fall break with no major holiday attached that requires cooking and cleaning and a lot of work. (OK, election day is attached, but it doesn't require cooking and cleaning and gifts and stuff.) I love this week off.

Just like usual, the time flies when you're having fun. It's a long endless week when you are looking at it in advance, with a ton of time to do everything you've been putting off for weeks. But then when you are actually in the middle of it, the time shrinks down into little tiny bits that are taken up too quickly.

It's given me extra time to Nanowri, but those hours slide by into the afternoon and I haven't gotten anything done. Not even enough words in my novel to be ahead of my schedule. Then the regular cooking thing and laundry thing takes up time too. And having fun can be time consuming. And the whole week is just sliding by before my very eyes.

I wish there was a way to make bad times fly by, and good times slow down to a crawl...

Why can't


GEM said...

Homecations are GREAT!

Anonymous said...

My best time this week was shopping at Kolh's...I love a bargain! As far as good times crawling...wouldnt that be great!

Sue said...

Hey, you commented me!!!! :D