Friday, November 28, 2008

Ups and Downs

It's been a busy few days, and it's not slowing down yet. So many ups and downs, and I'm sitting in the middle of the seesaw trying to maintain my equilibrium.

:) We had plenty of company for the holiday, which made it wonderful. Thor's dad had been in the hospital for several days, but he got out in time to be here. The whole family, including all of my sons' cousins were here. It's nice to get to know the kids a little better as they are becoming more adult. I like all of them a great deal, they seem to be good people, and interesting to be around.

:) The food all came out great. We went through more butter than should be legal. It was in every recipe I cooked, I think.

:( Healthy food should start now. But I don't really know ANYTHING about healthy food. Except that I don't usually like it.

:( We heard about the trouble in India. It is a terrible thing, I can't even imagine. I feel terrible for the people there, and I certainly don't understand what the attackers are fighting about. My thoughts are with the people affected. It reminds me of September 11th. I wish them all peace.

:) Frankie went with his cousin and their friend into the city last night. They waited on line overnight for a book signing. There was a lot of discussion about whether they were old enough, and if it would be safe... it wasn't that many years ago that New York suffered from a terrorist attack. But my own opinion was go for it; it was a great adventure. You can't live in fear -- especially if you are an 18 year old. (He had a great time.) (But he didn't get a book signed -- too far back in line.)

:) My mom and dad stayed over and we went shopping this morning -- not the psychotic shopping at 3 AM, just a pleasant trip for Christmas presents. It was lovely.

:( A friend's husband passed away -- very suddenly -- right before Thanksgiving. He was a member of my own generation, which makes it rather personal. His son is friends with my son. His wife is a lovely, caring person. The wake today had a huge number of people attending. The family is holding up very well... in public, at least. But they are a family with a lot of faith in their religion, and I think that helps, perhaps. I'm sure when everything sinks in, it will be difficult for them, but I wish them peace.

:( I'm very melancholy about people coming and going in and out of my life. People I love, people I am friends with, people I fight with, people move, people change and grow away. People get sick and people die. New people move in and close people fade out and I wonder if I should make more of an effort or just go with the flow?

:D Then... after the wake, we arrived home. There was a large envelope in the mailbox. It was from the college Frankie would most like to attend. And... HE WAS ACCEPTED. I'm very glad. He was even given a very nice academic scholarship. He's ready, and it is a great thing. It is what I want for him. But even so, a little melancholy, too, you know?

Do you see how everything rather relates together? So that's my story.


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