Tuesday, November 04, 2008


What an amazing moment to be a part of! I'm so proud and amazed that we did it! I wasn't really optimistic, but it actually happened!


Sue said...

John McCain's speech sounded very nice. He is still a good guy. I think he may have been relieved not to have been the choice.

Beth said...

In the end, Obama did get my vote. I guess I'm a bad republican but I voted what I thought was best for my family and hopefully the country. I'm a little concerned that he can pull it off. I was all for Bill Clinton back in the day but I didn't see much change then either. Here's hoping for a new day and a new way. But either way.....WAY TO GO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

Sue said...

I think you are probably a good, right leaning, independent, who still wants to participate in a primary when possible. But I could be wrong.

I have high hopes. I hope that Obama will make the better of the two choices whenever possible, because he will have a legacy as the first African-American President of America. He will want to try harder, and to be a great leader. AND I think he's smart enough to BE a great leader.

Cross your fingers!