Saturday, November 01, 2008

Orange juice sunrise


This morning's sun reminds me of that song "Tequila Sunrise" except I really don't like Tequila.
I usually don't get up early enough to look at the sunrise on the days when I have time to look at the sunrise -- and on days when I have work, I get up before the sunrise and I'm in work by the time there is anything worth taking a picture of.
So here is one of the very few sunrise pictures you will ever see on my blog.

I must admit that I think the sunset is more beautiful.
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Anonymous said...

Very Pretty.
On another note... Very nice party. I think everyone had a nice time.

Punam said...

Hi Sue, I have a thing against sunrises and sunsets.. I am more of a cloudy person & I love moonlight.. no yellow light for me.. But your pics are really good.

OK.. I have given u an award for your blog. Do check it out. :))

Anonymous said...

Nice Sunrise. Like your title for it.


Sue said...

Bun, I hope you had fun! :)

Punam - I agree that clouds and moonlight photos are beautiful, and so much more difficult to photograph! Sunrise and sunset photos are a little trite. I put the moon and clouds in my sunset photo for you. They made the sunset much better. And thank you for my award! It is very nice of you!

Mom - Thanks! You see many more sunrises than I do, for sure...

roller coaster teacher said...

Mmmm ... my vote is sunrise!