Thursday, March 26, 2009

Behind the scenes, before the show

All of the guests arrived right on time. There were snacks and things available, but of course I was a bit too nervous to eat. I went in to make up, and the lady was very pleasant, and smeared TONS of goop on my under-eye circles. She said that they are hereditary (Which I already knew -- I have my father's eyes -- Thanks a lot, Dad!) and that I could pay a lot of money to have them taken care of surgically. (Never gonna happen. I'd get liposuction first.)


We all sat down on the set and waited for the Star, Steve Adubato, to arrive. He is a very handsome man with no need for makeup -- but he had some on too, I'm sure. While we waited for him, we chatted with one of the production assistants, whose job I'm sure was to make us comfortable in our little living room like area. We had a really nice conversation going, too, until it was interrupted by the tv show.

I think it all went pretty well. When it was all over, everyone said,"Oh, you did so well!" to me, as though no one expected that I would. I replied, "Hey, can we watch it now?" Which everyone laughed at. Hey. I was serious. What if I looked terrible? I think I should have the right of a do-over, don't you? I think that's why they wouldn't let me watch it.

So I left the studio with Thor. He had taken more photos -- some of me on the tv in the green room.

I should have insisted on a do-over...
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Seraphine said...

the make up is because of the bright lights. you'd be washed out looking if you didn't.

Sue said...

Sera - I knew they were doing the makeup, but I really don't think it helped as much as I hoped it would!!!