Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Arbor


Thor (AKA my husband, who actually isn't named Thor, in case you don't know him) built me this arbor out of an old wooden ladder several years ago. It's finally really covered in plants... and now it's really falling apart. So he went out today and fixed it so it will hopefully last another year. I have some roses climbing on it. Not fancy roses; just what ever kind of simple roses happened to be there at the time. But they'll look beautiful this summer.

The arbor is right next to my Forsythia bush. I have such a tiny yard, I have no room to really let a Forsythia bloom like it should -- it should be big and wild and rangy. Mine gets trimmed back alot, making it rather mishapen. Plus, a Forsythia is not always a pretty plant -- I don't really love it in the summer. But this time of year, it makes up for it. It's a beautiful sunny spot in my back yard, even on a cloudy day, in early spring.
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Seraphine said...

having a small yard is a blessing, unless you like to do a lot of gardening.
and having a nice splash of yellow in the spring is beautiful.
yay for repairman/builder thor.

Sue said...

Hi Seraphine! I like to do a lot of gardening in theory, but in reality, I never keep up with it.