Tuesday, March 31, 2009

National Honor Society Induction

Tonight, Frankie, as a Senior member of the National Honor Society, helped to induct the new members -- the Juniors, next year's class.

I didn't really plan on going. We went last year. But I ended up going after all, because he seemed to want us there. Although he wouldn't come out and say so.

It was a lovely candlelight ceremony, honoring scholarship, service, leadership and character.

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jozien said...

I sounds like you can be a proud mom Sue!
I have no idea what this is all about though. Alexander is graduating this year. It is all very new for me. All my schooling was in Holland.
Fill me in if you like, might be a long story.

Beth said...

Congrats Frankie....did he do the tapping of students on the shoulder during the day . I remember they announce the new inductees name and a student already in the society came in and tapped them on the shoulder. AHHHH deja vu.....again....