Sunday, March 08, 2009

Shopping in Woodstock

Woodstock in the 1960's was a concert... if you haven't already heard of Woodstock, I suggest you google it. It was the era of Peace, Love, and Hippies. Some hippies found their way into town and never left. The whole town economy now seems to be run on Hippy nostalgia. It's a very artsy community, but way more open and flexible than similar artsy towns we've been too.

An interesting side note is that I heard it's the 40th anniversary of Woodstock this year.
Another interesting fact -- the actual concert didn't really happen in Woodstock, but on Yasgur's Farm, which is pretty far away. There's a museum there too, maybe we'll get to the museum next year. The town of Woodstock decided that the concert was going to be too huge or something, and cancelled last minute, leaving the promoters to find another venue. But everything had already gone to print, so they left it as "Woodstock." Anyway, that was what Dan told me.


Another interesting note... it was Kyle's birthday, he turned 18. Since he is into music but not into skiing, he came shopping with us. He said he had fun. Happy Birthday!
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Anonymous said...

Great time!! The non-shopper really enjoyed herself!!!! and thanks for being so thoughtful about my car illness it was a PERFECT ride!! (but can we lose the picture) SMILE

Sue said...

No, Ms. Anonymous, I don't think you are a non-shopper, considering how well you held out :D

And the picture came out nice (the one we should lose is the one of me, but I had to show off my t-shirt!)