Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's an Amazing World link

Conan O'Brien had this comedian guy on and it was really good, and quite appropriate to the happiness topic I've been stuck on this week. Marisa sent me a link to a video, and you can find the same video if you click here on
"It's an Amazing, Amazing world."

I would put the video right on the blog, but it has disabled embedding, so I can't. The link should bring you to Youtube, though, and you can watch in there.

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Beth said...

Loved the video...and yeah...I hated the people with zeros in their phone numbers......and oh my what happened to my area code 201....that used to be most of NJ ...and you didn't have to dial it before....Did you know if you're in Mercer County and are calling a 609 number, you don't have to dial it....woo hoo....