Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Count My Blessings post - edited at Lunch

Well, I still don't have much to say -- (see previous post) -- but that's never stopped me before, has it? I thought about it all morning, and I've decided that I want to count my blessings. Now seems like a good time, since nothing important is happening, and I'm in such a good mood!

1. Health -- I think that has to be blessing number one. I feel good, I'm pretty healthy. If you don't have your health, it doesn't matter what else you have. I'm even feeling pretty mentally healthy, which is good considering how hormonal I've been on occasion over the last few years. That is truly a blessing!

2. Health -- again -- because my family is also pretty healthy right now. Well, Nick just got over the flu, and he's still stuffy and everything, but he's strong enough to fight it off without too much trouble, and like my Gram used to say, it's what germs you catch and fight off that make you stronger and healthier. And even Frankie is very healthy right now. It might last, it might not, but you've gotta live in the right now. And right now, we are all doing great.

3. Peace. I know there isn't peace in the world, but there is peace in my home. My family isn't currently involved in any war. We aren't even arguing, even with each other. There isn't a lot of strife or stress or aggravation. Peace is wonderful. Why can't we all give peace a chance?

4. Karma. I'm grateful for Karma. Is that logical? I'm not sure. But I believe that there is a law to the universe, that is sensible and right and true, and that things even out and you can make mistakes, learn from them, and move on. I'm glad to be able to trust that it will all work out in the end. I'm grateful that I believe in it because it makes it easier to let things go that would only bother me otherwise.

5. Love. Obviously, I'm grateful for the blessing of love. I have a love-ly family and friends, and I'm grateful for all of them.

6. Plenty. I'm grateful for having everything I need, in abundance. It's generosity from Life and from Creation and it way exceeds what I deserve. I have all the food I need, and a great home, more clothes than I really need (even if they don't look too good on me sometimes because of all the food I have!) I even have toys and keepsakes from my family and stuff like that.

7. Nature. We are all blessed by having such a beautiful world to live in. Even though my neighborhood has its share of litter and too many buildings and so many people squished together, nature is indomitable and still squeezes its way in. The sky is beautiful today, and the wind is freezing, but it's a great thing. The sunrise was beautiful (I was actually awake to notice it today!) I'm looking forward to some trips that will take me to some more wild places, and I'm even more grateful for the magnificent nature I'll find when I get there. (Not as wild as your place though, Jozien!)

8. Art... I always have music on. I love my music. Even if I can't create it, I love all art. I create what I can, and I'm grateful for that; but I love what other people create, too. Visual, Musical, Stories, all of that stuff is amazing and wonderful, and I love it.

9. Work -- Yeah, I'm counting work as a blessing. It's wonderful to have something productive to accomplish. So in this sense, I'm grateful for work in general, not just my job in particular. It's like the meat and potatoes; you don't realize when you are a kid how good it is to work on something; you can't just play all the time, that's kinda like trying to live on dessert.

OK, that was the general list. Next post will be a more specific list.

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Netizen101 said...

Yes, once in a while, we should take a break from whatever we are doing, to count our blessings.