Sunday, March 15, 2009

This Weekend's Camping Trip

I have alot I would like to post, but I'm constrained by two things.
1. I don't like to post identifiable photos of anyone under 18 unless their parents agree first, so that is why I don't post pictures of the Scouts. I've got a few nice photos I can post. But not some of the best ones.
2. We were informed by the campmaster, in no uncertain terms, that they DID NOT want publicity. The reason it came up was because apparently the camp had heard that a few scouts planned to film a remake and post it on You Tube. Actually, it would have been a great idea. It wasn't our plan, but it would have been fun. But the camp doesn't want tourists pulling in looking at their camp. So I don't want to write too much that would be too identifiable.

But anyway, what did I do this weekend? I took the scouts camping to a place where a "certain" scary movie from the '80's was originally filmed. Which movie? My hint for you is that we camped on a certain date which was the name of the film... enough of a clue? The movie was recently remade, but this is where the original one was filmed.

We reserved the actual cabin used in the movie, in front of the actual lake. It was the right day of the year. We brought plenty of electronics so we could watch scary movies -- not the one filmed there, because it was R rated and we had a few young kids -- but things like "The Blob." Although they didn't get that one. Someone else took care of getting the movies.

It was a fun trip; not too scary but still fun!

The scary parts were NOT the possibility of a slasher attacking us in the cabin. No worries at all about that. The scary parts were mainly
1. The out house
2. The hike

I'm posting pictures of the hike. The out house, I'll leave you to imagine.


jozien said...

Hi Sue!
I didn't see the movie, i am scared of scary movies.
We have cats and a clean outhouse.:)

Sue said...

Jozien -- I'm not afraid of outhouses, just dirty ones! If the toilet had flushed and it was still this dirty, it would still have been scary!

Sue said...

And actually, Jozien, I'm afraid of scary movies too... I may have seen the movie when I was a kid, but I don't remember any of it (If I saw it at all my eyes were shut for most of the movie!)

Paula and Skip said...

Passing by I didnt want to leave without saying: 'it takes many years to become young' Paula, another middle aged woman

Laurie said...

Looks like you had another great weekend trip.....the part about yuo crawling wa sfo funny and it hurt to laugh...Did you really crawl or "stroll" Glad yo had fun. Loved all the pic : )

Sue said...

Paula, thanks for stopping by and commenting! :D

Sue said...

Laurie -- I really did crawl... it was sad, really. I am SO OLD.