Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ready for the show!

  Brian came up ready for a serious jam session. He even wore his "Stumicks" shirt -- The Stumicks was the band that Sully was in. I think Sully is taking a hiatus right now from the band, so we can't go see him anytime soon. But really, this was almost better.

We do have issues with the jam sessions -- no one can ever remember any of the words. Plus, everyone usually starts late into the night, which means we are always bothering someone sleeping someone nearby. So we started out in our regular party area by the pool, but we didn't last there long.

Big Timber Campground - where we go sometimes in the summer -- has Uncle Buck, driving around on his golf cart and yelling at everyone to shut up. (I don't blame him, I know we are loud.) But this place has another security guard guy -- I think of him as Walter, but Frank thinks his name is Carl -- who doesn't mind, and who doesn't yell. He has a great spot we can move to.
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