Monday, March 30, 2009

I wish I had a pony.

Did you wish you had a pony when you were a kid?

The thing is, I knew it was POSSIBLE.

People did have ponies. No one I knew, but lots of people must have. My mother had a pony when she was a kid. Of course, she lived in the country. Living in the suburbs, with a tiny 50 X 100 lot, she very reasonably explained that there was no way I was getting a pony. No excuses, just a simple fact. I can't have a pony.

It was a huge wish, and eventually I gave up. I yearned and longed and pined for a pony, but I can't have one. Probably ever. But I still want one. And lately, I've been wishing again.

Eventually, while I was still a child, I changed my wish -- the wish on a star wish -- to "happiness." I think I wrote about this a while ago. Wishing for happiness is good. This is a sensible wish, an attainable wish. If I wish for happiness, no matter what else I have, I'll be fine with it. It's less materialistic, which is a good thing, right? Because if you need THINGS to make you happy, you'll never be happy. Happiness comes from the inside, it isn't external. And I've been very happy with my life, so I guess it's come true. It's great when a wish comes true.

But the pony -- there's more to the pony than just a THING. It's love. It's a longing. It's impractical. It's not going to happen. I can't have everything. No one can. I'm not sure I would even really want it if I had it... you know that whole saying about "be careful about what you wish for."

I still wish.



Beth said...

Now you definitely have to come Saturday and see Kelly ride.

jozien said...

Thanks Sue, for this.
Have i got a story for you.
We did get the pony.
It bit us.
Later my little sister got the horse, that was beter, i got to ride when i would come home from the city where i lived.
Now, i too go for happiness, which is really always attainable,
unless i am wishing to hard....
Just to wish a bit, while sitting in the sun, now that's heaven!

Sue said...

Beth -- I guess Kelly was what made me start thinking of the pony again in the first place! :D

Jozien -- I wonder if the longing for something is actually as pleasant as attaining it? Because a lot of times the ponies do bite. What was your pony named?

Anonymous said...

Ya know.. I am sure my mother in law would love to let you come and ride, groom and tend to her horses and ponies... just let me know when.

Laurie said...

I think if you wish for happiness and you "recieve" your wish anything else is possible and attainable..its just getting "happy" to begin with...ya know?? Jess wold love to go horse back riding with you, there is a place not far where lori used to take her :)