Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lighting a candle


Frankie lit a candle for "Service" and then read a very, very short speech about service in the lives of the National Honor Students. Candles were also lit for scholarship, leadership and character.
After the candle ceremony, they inducted each of the Juniors into the NHS. Then, the new inductees recited the pledge of the National Honor Society, and were applauded by their family and friends.

After this, there was a roll call of seniors. Each senior NHS member had their name and the college they intend to attend announced. Frankie and one other were going to the school he's chosen. Most were going to Rutgers, or New York University. Two were going the furthest away -- Arizona. And one is going to Harvard. (Frankie's friends with him, they eat lunch together.)

After the recessional, everyone was milling around in the hall in front of the auditorium, a very small space, trying to find their people and take more pictures.

I didn't get any cookies.


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Anonymous said...

WHAT... NO COOKIES!!!! THAT WAS THE ONLY REASON FOR GOING!!! I am glad I didn't make the long drive! (only kidding Frankie!)

Very nice pictures!! I am very proud!!!
Aunt Bun

Anonymous said...

Tell Frankie we are very proud of him. Sorry we couldn't be there.