Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Night


I'm looking forward to a GREAT Saturday night... This picture, of course, was from a previous Saturday night. But this is the first weekend in a long time that we didn't have anything much going on. Which includes nothing much going on Sunday, either. Which was the same thing we had going on when this picture was taken of Nick.

Maybe a campfire night tonight -- if you're in the area, and you smell the smoke, stop by! Depends on the weather. Maybe a night at the bar? Maybe just sitting in the dining room and drawing? Or maybe we'll play Guitar Hero, which is what we did last night -- I sang so much that my throat still hurts -- but I scored 100% (on easy, anyway.) The kids might be home, one or both of them, or they might be out, one or both of them. But it's starting to feel a lot like summer! (Well, at least spring!)

Depending on the activities this evening, it might be a great Sunday too -- of course, it might be a headachey kind of Sunday... or maybe a sleep all day Sunday... depending on the wine or Jack consumption... but either way, I'm having a great weekend! Hope you are too!
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Seraphine said...

haha, wine, weekends and sleep. i can't think of anything better.
well, maybe (whispering)
and pizza.

Sue said...

Sera - We have a very full agenda! ;)

Raviolis, not pizza, for me...