Monday, March 23, 2009

Home today.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, although I'm not sure who noticed :D
But if you were looking for me, I wasn't here.

We had a great camping trip, I'll post pictures later. My photos are very mossy -- there were few plants really growing green, only the pine trees and so many different varieties of moss and lichens that I never usually notice. I took tons of photos of them. Plus photos of the camp itself -- my favorite place in the world -- and photos of the kids doing their activities. But that's later.

I'm home sick today, and so is Frankie. Frankie has a head cold, and I needed a mental health day before I stress out. He had a bad weekend. He called me up at camp, and you always know it's a problem when your 18 year old calls you at 11:00 and his first words are, "Mom, the first thing is that NO ONE IS HURT." Of course, it could be worse -- one time, someone WAS hurt, and he was practically babbling... your stomache really drops then. But when you get a call at all, it's usually not good, and when you hear the words, "No one is hurt," THAT means that SOMETHING bad happened, and he's trying to put a good spin on it.

So, he banged up his car a bit, and his friend's car as well, and now we'll have to see what the bills come to. I can't complain too much -- he's gone this long driving without an accident, and after all, spin or not, no one got hurt. Such is life.

Anyway, that's what blew my idea of posting yesterday completely out of the water. So posting today is on my list of things to do. And taking care of Frankie is on my list of things to do. (Taking care of his car is also on my list -- but he'll be doing most of that.)

Starting my diet again is also on my list of things to do.

The three day on/four day off diet thing seemed to work out reasonably well. Especially with camping this weekend, and all that wandering around/hiking I did. The people who cooked for our camping event had BEAUTIFUL meals, I ate plenty, and it was nice heavy-duty fattening food -- bacon and eggs and macaroni and cheese and barbecued meatball subs and lasagna and chicken and tons of sweets... lots of hungry boys to feed... and had some interesting side dishes as well, like miso soup at breakfast and chinese style vegetables at dinner. So after losing 3 pounds on the dieting part of the week, I only ended up putting back 1 pound. So I had a 2 pound loss for the week which isn't bad I guess. I will try again this week and maybe I can chisel away some of this fat before the summer. Keep your fingers crossed.

Also on my list of things to do -- I've gotta get my hair done. I'm going to be on a local cable tv show this week, and I want to look decent. So I've made an appointment, and I'm going all out with a cut and a color.

What else? I gotta plant those peas -- it's after St. Patrick's day! They should have been planted already.

And food shopping, maybe later.

And laundry -- always laundry.

And finish re-financing the mortgage.

And pay the bills.

(Lovely day I have planned, isn't it?)


Laurie said...

What local tv channel and for what?? you holding out on the good gossip

Sue said...

I thought I told everyone! Although I don't think I blogged it before. I'm going to be on NJN, Caucus New Jersey, with Steve Adubato... They are doing a show on Pediatric Crohn's disease, and they asked me to represent the patients. I had just been at the Dr.'s office with Frankie a few days before, so I guess that's why they thought of me...