Sunday, March 08, 2009

Kingston Rocks!

I usually try to open my blog with what happened first, but this was so cool I had to open with it. We went skiing this weekend, to Bell Ayre Mountain in New York. (I'm not sure I spelled that right.) Well, I didn't ski, I shopped in Woodstock. And we stayed at the hotel in Kingston. And this is the video I took of Brian and Sully and the jam session.

It isn't a great quality video, because I don't use a cam corder, I use my regular camera; there wasn't much light, and it doesn't have a very good microphone. But if you know these guys, you definitely want to watch the video. I actually hit one of the few songs from start to finish where we got pretty much all of the words right to the song, even the verses!

So watch the video, and then read the rest of the posts. And if you feel like adding a comment, please do -- I'm hoping a lot of people from the trip will comment, c'mon you guys, don't be shy! Click on the word "comment" ... you don't have to sign up for an account, just write under "anonymous"... although I'd like it if you wrote who you were in your message!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

OK, if you are new at this and feel like commenting, just click the circle that says "anonymous" and then type what you want in the box. Write who you are, so I know you were here. (I forgot to do that in my sample, so that's what was deleted -- this same comment without my name on it.) Then hit "publish." C'mon, you can do it!

from SUE

Anonymous said...

The video was so dark I couldn't see anyone, however, if you hit the little box on the bottom right it will go to full screen mode and I could make out some of the people. You all need voice lessons, but it sounded like you were all having fun and that' what counts.


Sue said...

Hey mom!
I'm surprised it's THAT dark for you... I can basically make out people, just not clearly. And yeah, the voice lessons would definitely help! I think you'd need a few drinks to help it sound better! :)

jozien said...

So much fun Sue! I should have come, instead of getting my self in trouble out here.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is nice to meet you!

I didn't go on the trip, of course, but it sounds like it was fun!

Seraphine said...

oh gaaa! those guys are funny. i love it. those guys know how to have fun.

it sounds like you had a great time, even if you shopped and didn't ski.

Beth said...

clap clap clap clap

liz sullivan said...

wow! OMG, they sounded so much better after the 6 cases of beer we all had that night!!
They have one year to practice,practice,practice!! Sometimes a memory is bettter than the aftermath of a video :) But, we all had lots of fun, thats what counts! See you all next year

liz sullivan said...

WOW! OMG! They sounded so much better after the 6 cases of beer we drank that night! They have a year to practice, practice, practice!!! Sometimes its better to have the memories without the recording... but, all in all, it was a grovin' night!!!

Sue said...

Jozien -- Why are you in trouble? I wish you could ski with us! Or at least shop with us!

Cheri - A lot of fun, thanks for stopping by!

Seraphine -- It's a laugh riot, I'm tellin' ya :D

Beth -- (BOWS) -- Oh, you mean Sully and Brian???

Liz -- You posted! Thank you! I guess I forgot to explain that they don't pop up here until after I read them to be sure they aren't spam. Was it 6 cases??? And a few bottles of wine, I might add!

Anonymous said...

Kingston was alot of fun this year and the concert was great.
And the emmy goes to........Sue Kemper for outstanding cinematography and directing. Hangin with family and friends, doesn't get much better than that!
Laura xoxo

Sue said...

Hey Laura!!! I'm glad you posted... can we try going in January next year?

Anonymous said...

WOW - Sue how creative you are.. Great job. It made me smile :)
P.S. didn't realize how cute Brians feet were till now!! LOL
Sully, nice legs

Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed it this year! Sure sounds like you guys had a blast! I can always pick out Frank's laugh and Jimmy's voice! :)

Seraphine said...

my biggest thrill is going to starbucks and finding a free itune card on the counter.

Sue said...

Kath -- I had to make the feet picture small because I didn't want to drive all the chicks crazy on here... between the music and the bare feet, OMG... (LOL)

Marisa -- I hope you make it next year. How are Andrew's teeth feeling???

Seraphine -- You can come with us next year too, although I think the flight might be a bit expensive just for a weekend trip :) And I LOVE getting those gift cards at Starbucks, even though I ALWAYS forget to download them until after it's too late...